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Increasing Concern for Environmental Sustainability

Increasing Concern for Environmental Sustainability
through the Independent Waste Sorting

Almost all human activities that do not escape from the produce
the former or the rest of the activities or in other words is rubbish. Unwitting human
is the waste producer, and if management is not taken into account, then the
garbage will cause many problems. So the garbage man's consciousness
very important to contribute to environmental sustainability and
human life itself.

As one of the sources of waste, every household should participate in
handle garbage. If done together with the whole society, efforts
handle trash can provide great benefits for the environment and
public health. One important process for change is
through understanding and knowledge.

This article will discuss the importance of caring for the environment
life, the importance of awareness of household waste management by separating
independent waste, waste segregation and independent contribution to environmental sustainability

the environment can be divided into three, namely:
  1. Elements of Conservation (biotic): the elements of the environment that consists of a living creature,
    such as humansanimalsplantsand microorganisms.
  2. Socio-cultural elements: the social and cultural environment of man-made
    a system of valuesideasand beliefs in behavior as being
  3. Physical Element (abiotic): the elements of the environment that consists of objects
    not livesuch as soilwaterairclimate and others.
    In particularwe often use the term environment for
    mention everything that affects the survival of all

living things on earth. The existence of the physical environment is very large role for
the survival of all life on earth. Because life on earth will
naturally take place if the physical environment is maintained in balance. damage
physical environment will lead to many disasters that can threaten
human safety such as droughts, floods, landslides, seasonal changes
irregular, and the emergence of various diseases.

Based on the causes, forms of environmental damage distinguished
into two types, namely:

  1. Environmental damage due to natural events such as volcanic eruptions,
  2. Damage to the environment due to human factors
    Man as ruler of the earth environment plays a major role in
    determining environmental sustainabilityHuman beings as creatures of God
    understands able to change the face of the world from the simple to the pattern of life
    forms of modern life as it is today
Unfortunately, often what humans do not offset by the thought of a future life
the next generation. Much progress was achieved by human impact
adverse environmental sustainability.

Some forms of environmental degradation due to human factors, among others:

a. Pollution (both pollution of air, water, soil, or sound) as
the impact of the industrial area.

b. Flooding, as a result of poor drainage or sewer system and
failure to maintain the watershed and the impact of forest destruction.

c. Landslides, as a direct result of the destruction of forests.
In addition to these things, there are also some human activities that are directly
or indirectly have an impact on environmental degradation, among others:
illegal logging (deforestation). poaching, forest damage
mangroves, backfilling marshes for residential, garbage disposal in any
place, illegal buildings in the watershed (DAS), as well as resource utilization
excessive nature outside the boundary.
Preserving the environment is a necessity that can not be postponed again
and not only the responsibility of government or heads of state alone,
but the responsibility of every human being on earth, from toddlers to seniors. each person
should make an effort to save the environment surrounding the appropriate
with their respective capacities. Any small business that we do very
beneficial for the realization of the earth habitable for generations of our children and grandchildren

As good citizens, the public should have a high concern
to the preservation of the surrounding environment in accordance with their respective capabilities.
Several attempts to do deals with the preservation society
environment include: soil conservation and preservation of the air, one of them
with concern for the management of household waste independently.

Household Waste Management Waste Sorting Through Self
Often we do not realize that the waste that we produce in life activities
everyday can cause serious problems to sustainability
the environment. Because the waste takes a long time to be able to
or even totally destroyed can not be destroyed.

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